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9 Reasons to Hire an SEO Professional for Your Website

Many small businesses in Ireland don’t allocate enough money for professional SEO services when creating their annual budgets. They don’t see the value of hiring an SEO professional and just do it to keep up with their competitors. Usually, these enterprises generate most of their leads from traditional offline marketing channels. So, despite having a website, they rarely use it to promote their products or services. As a small business owner, your company has a huge opportunity to grow when you invest in professional SEO services. The reason is that most of your competitors aren’t optimising their sites. All you

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Trading Online Voucher

Trading Online Voucher Explained

We’ve been very busy lately quoting a lot of businesses for work under the Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) Trading Online Voucher scheme. However, we’ve also had a lot of conversations with business owners who have heard of it, but not sure what it is, or are not sure if it applies to them. This voucher scheme has actually been in operation for a few years now, however, previously it covered up to 50% of the cost up to a maximum of €2,500. Since April 7th and until September 30th 2020 though, the percentage has been increased to 90% with the

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6 Ways to Keep Business Going During Coronavirus That Can Add To Your Offering Anytime

Travel restrictions, limits on numbers of people in one place and concerns for public health have all created constraints for a lot of businesses. Here we look at some options that may help you continue to function through this time, but also are things that you should probably implement and add to your offering anyway! Video Conferencing Instead of travelling to meet your clients, use video call instead. There are plenty of free options available if you don’t already use one, GlobalMeet, Skype or even Zoom. You can actually save yourself some travel time and share any presentations you may

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